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About us

Intuitive Products for Wellness.

About Us

What Drives Us

We are a wellness company driven by one idea... to create products that work intuitively with the nature of our bodies. We put the health of our beloved pets along side the health of our human families. By choosing truly safe and effective ingredients that perform every day, these are the good decisions that fulfill our mission.

We are committed to doing 100% good with 0% harm—Sourcing our ingredients ethically, manufacturing our products with integrity, and offering them at an honest and practical value.

What We Believe

We know that when we care for our bodies with products that are biologically true to nature, our bodies, in turn, take care of us. We know that beauty and health is maintained inside, and manifested on the outside. We know that when we care for our pets, they return with love and care for us.

Where We Began

We are a California, USA company, started by a group of friends who desired to bring their pets and loved ones closer to natural health. Our pledge today is the same as it was years ago, to bring natural, organic, and instinctive products to the world.

Our Brands
Intuitive Products that Bring Value Every Day.


Focusing on the core health of animals, Nusentia® has helped countless individuals bring their beloved pets into lasting wellness. Products like Probiotic Miracle®, Enzyme Miracle®, and Raw & Grain Free dog food, lead the way in a catalog of truly healthful and effective products that serve to elevate pet nutrition beyond human standards™.


Pet Nutrition Company

Key Products

Probiotic Miracle®, Enzyme Miracle®, RJX for Dogs™, Spectrin™, Utrin™, Raw & Grain Free dog foods, MiracleZyme®, Celavin™.

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Beauty from within drives product development at Elavonne. Our natural and organic products not only promote great health, but work to combat the signs of aging from the inside out. Pure nutrients that are free of chemicals and body system disruptors takes us one step further to long term health and beauty. Taking care with what we absorb through our skin is at the heart of every skin care product we develop.


Health and Beauty

Key Products

Amino Collagen C with Hyaluronic Acid, Norway Pure, Women's Hormone Balance, Organic Skin Care

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positiv fertility

The fertility aid: The creation of Positiv from natural fertility herbs, fertility vitamins, and fertility nutrients is helping couples to naturally increase fertility and successfully conceive a baby. The Positiv fertility aid formulas are based on the best-known science and historical use of these ancient nutrients for safe and effective results.

The Best of Nature
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